Best Skin Care Tips For Men

Best Skin Care Tips For Men

Women are educated about the importance of skin care from a very young age. Boys are just told to wash behind their ears. In fact, boys can be led to believe that skin care is a gender specific activity that belongs with Barbie dolls and make-up. This sad side effect of gender conditioning leads many men to neglect their skin. 

Well taken care of skin looks younger and more beautiful than neglected skin. However, the quest for beauty is not the only reason for a skin care routine. Our skin is our largest organ, responsible for protecting us from the environment. Skin that is grimy, rough and dry cannot do this job as well as clean and moisturized skin can. Neglected skin does not heal as quickly from injuries and is at a higher risk for developing sun damage and skin cancer.

Mens Skincare

Most men rely on cheap body wash products like Axe, Old Spice and Irish Spring. These chemical laden products dry out your skin, throw off your ph balance and allow a multitude of chemicals to penetrate the skin barrier. While you come out smelling good, your health is suffering. 

The most important skin care tip for men is to use natural products. Work with your body by healing and nourishing it with natural ingredients. Black soap and shea butter are a powerful duo for washing and moisturizing your body, but can be hard to find in some areas. 

There are good products available in most retail outlets. Start reading the labels of the products you are buying. Avoid chemical and petroleum based soaps, body washes and lotions. Look for products that contain natural oils and extracts. 

It's important to use special moisturizers for your face and hands. These areas of your body have the most exposure to the environment, so they accumulate the most damage over time. Once you’ve washed and moisturized your body, you need to give your face and hands another layer of protection. 

Beard oil

There are good reasons to use different moisturizers for the night and day. During the day you should use a hand and face cream that contains sun protection. At night you should use a heavy hand and face cream that contains ingredients to repair damage to your skin. Your body rebuilds itself as you sleep, so it's important to give it the tools it needs at the right time. 

The most delicate skin on your body surrounds your eyes. This is where age shows the easiest, with bags, puffiness and crows feet. Just like your hands and face require a heavier duty moisturizer than the rest of your body, your eyes need an even stronger moisturizer. A little eye cream goes a long way, just a dab will do. 

Finally, don’t forget the lip balm. Ditch the petroleum based chapstick in favor of something made with beeswax and natural oils. Your lips won’t get chapped anymore. That will make you feel better and your kisses will be soft and your soft lips will make you a better kisser.