Corona Virus and homebound… Now What?

Corona Virus and homebound… Now What?

This is a very difficult time and we find ourselves homebound, either working from home or not able to work at all. The kids are home and you are wracking your brain, worrying about what could happen to your family and stressing over how to keep everyone happy and healthy.

I’ve put together a few tips, things I have thought about and am using in my own home. Hopefully, some of the tips may help you.

 Create a happy and positive environment:

Worry and stress affect our health more than we know. These can trigger a bunch of health problems. ... Our body's nervous system releases cortisol, these boost blood sugar levels. Anxiety can cause a variety of psychological and physical symptoms. When you feel overly anxious, your heart rate and breathing go up. Sometimes though, you can feel sick to your stomach. So it is important to keep our families positive and as happy as possible with the situation at hand.

 Have a family meeting: 

Let your children know that as long as we follow guidelines of washing hands and sanitizing etc, we will be ok. But make it fun. Say things like “How cool is it that we all get to spend this time together” Ask each one in your family what they would like to do and put together a plan encompassing those wishes as well as some projects you and your spouse have been planning and now have time for. Involve the whole family as much as possible by making projects fun.


By now you should have stocked up on food and necessities. Cleaning out your pantry and fridge as well as sanitizing all surfaces in your kitchen should be a first on your list.

Ask everyone what their favorite meal is. When making that meal, have the person who’s favorite it is, help out with preparing the meal. Eg: Today is pizza day and Tyler loves pizza. Ask him to help you make it and make it a fun experience.

Engage the kids in baking projects. Something you can all do together.

 Cleaning our closets and spring cleaning your home:

Make a plan and set aside a few hours a day for cleaning out closets and spring cleaning the house. Set a good example for the family and start by With the children, maybe have a competition; see who can be best at cleaning their room and typing their closets and toy bins. Think up a prize for the winner.

As for you and your spouse, be a good example and clean out and tidy out your closets and home office, etc. Now is a good time to spring clean your home and while you do that, your spouse can tackle the garage. 

 Have some ‘Us Time’:

Save some time for yourself and enjoy some much-needed spa time. Besides doing manicures with your daughter, get your spouse to join you in some home spa time. Enjoying a good face cleanse, charcoal face mask, calming eye gel and moisturizer with a glass of wine, some good music, relaxing in the pool, jacuzzi or on the patio. You know, your spouse might just enjoy it so much, he/she will want to take better care of their skin moving forward and have a weekly session moving forward.

 The Backyard:

 Always much to do year-round to keep our backyards pretty and trimmed. However how to make it fun at a time like this? Go tent camping with the family. There are so many things you can do to make your backyard the most fun place ever during a tent camp, so put up the tent. That in itself will get the kids excited.

  • Get out your binoculars and magnifying glass. There is so much to discover in the way of plants, trees, birds and insects. Make it fun and educational.
  • Have a treasure hunt -  Leave clues around the yard and dry a map to help them navigate and find the treasure.
  • Have a campfire, sing songs and tell stories. Oh and don’t forget the s’mores!

 Getting Out:

Though we should not go to crowded places and should keep our distance from others to avoid possible infection, take a walk around your neighborhood. Ride bikes with the kids and have games in your backyard. Exercise is important to stay healthy and keep our immune system in check. 

 So while following guidelines to avoid catching this virus and/or spreading it, be positive, enjoy your home and family. Eat healthy and take your vitamins. Building your immune system is key to staying healthy. Be considerate of others, help where you can and we will get through this.