First Responders - Coronavirus - Dealing with Change

First Responders - Coronavirus - Dealing with Change

Our First Responders - 

They are the Heroes and Sheroes in our midst. The EMS teams, Firefighters, Police, Medical Workers, Armed Forces, and All other Essential Workers. These are the people that are here for us all year round, keeping us safe and healthy around the clock and these are the people we so often forget to thank for their service because in ‘normal’ times, we do not realize just how much they sacrifice and do each and every day. Unfortunately, it is only when a war or pandemic or terrorist attack happens that suddenly everyone realizes just how important these people are to us and to our country and how much we depend on them.

Today, in the midst of this terrible Coronavirus pandemic, our first responders and healthcare employees continue to work relentlessly around the clock putting themselves in danger to keep us safe and healthy. Some of them are sleeping in their garages so as not to infect their families. It’s a sad situation for sure. 

Let us thank them in any way we can. Send them a small gift, a card, cookies, anything you can think of that can brighten their day. If you have a first responder family in your neighborhood, ask if you can help by dropping of dinner or getting groceries for their family.

Hand sanitizer - coronavirus

Our Community - 

Schools and restaurants are shut down around the Country. Church services, company meetings and anything that can be done by live stream is now what we do. Some of us are working from home, (at least those who can). The less fortunate have lost their jobs and our unemployment rate is skyrocketing like we’ve never seen before. 

If you know anyone in your community who has lost their job, drop off a package with groceries and goodies at their door. Social media is also a great place to give virtual hugs, and heartfelt messages when you can’t be face-to-face. Daily face time calls with the family - share recipes, game ideas, etc to keep everyone motivated and cheerful. When talking to your friends, spread the word and encourage them to help their neighbors. As we spread the goodwill throughout our communities, we can help those less fortunate and lessen the burden. Don’t forget your older neighbors. It is most important to help them out with grocery shopping or picking up their meds. Give them a call and chat for a while so they don’t feel forgotten and left out.