Protect Animals From Suffering By Choosing Cruelty Free Products

Protect Animals From Suffering By Choosing Cruelty Free Products

Outer beauty is only skin deep. True beauty comes from our character and the choices we make in life. If a person’s skin is glowing at the expense of animal suffering, are they truly beautiful?

Many cosmetic companies test their products on animals. These tests cause the animals pain, fear, suffering, permanent harm and usually death. The animals are kept isolated from each other in small sterile cages. They have substances applied to their skin, dripped into their eyes, injected into their bodies and force fed to them. 

The few animals that survive are either killed so that their organs can be examined, or recycled for further experimentation. There are estimates of 100,000 to 200,000 animals dying each year for cosmetic testing. However, since the US does not consider rats and mice as “animals” and keeps no statistics on them, the number may be much higher. 

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Some argue that animal testing is necessary to protect humans. However, animal testing isn’t a reliable way to determine how products will react with the human body. The animals most commonly used to test cosmetics are rodents such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and mice. Their biology is very different than ours, and they are exposed to much higher dosages of the products and ingredients than we would be exposed to. 

Only brands that are using new chemical compounds have any need to do these types of testing. When brands use natural ingredients then they already know that their products are safe for human use.  If brands stick to natural ingredients or even proven chemical formulas that already have safety data, then there is no reason to test on animals. 

There are thousands of tested ingredients and compounds that already have safety data and do not require further testing. There is also a growing list of non-animal tests that are cheaper and more effective than animal tests. Despite all of these alternatives to animal testing, many companies continue to do things the old-fashioned way.  

Some brands test on animals just because it is required if they want to be able to sell their products in China. Many brands market themselves as cruelty-free in US and European markets, while quietly engaging in animal testing in China for the Chinese market. Some brands that market themselves as vegan will engage in animal testing just so that they can sell in China!

We do not engage in any animal testing of our products. The bulk of our ingredients are completely natural. They are proven to be safe to humans by hundreds or even thousands of years of use. The more modern cosmetic compounds that we use already have significant safety data. Most importantly, we test our products on our own bodies before ever releasing them to the public. 

When you use our products you are helping to stop the cruel practice of animal testing. Consumer resistance has led to the practice being banned in many countries. Major brands that used to participate in animal testing have stopped due to consumers avoiding their products. Your choices have the power to save animals from unnecessary suffering. 

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