Things to do for mom this Mothers Day 2020

Things to do for mom this Mothers Day 2020

“A mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend.” 


From important life lessons to valuable guidance, moms are there for it all. From the moment they give birth and for the rest of their lives, their children become their first and most important priority. Let us reflect on this; our childhoods and the impact our mothers have had on our lives as we prepare to show our appreciation for moms on Mother’s day 2020 which will be ever so different from what we are used to. On this day, we honor our moms, grandmas, aunts, and any other amazing women who have had a huge impact on our lives or are a mother figure to us.


The Covid-19 epidemic is expected to impact any and all  Mother’s Day plans we have had till now. With restrictions such as avoiding gatherings of over 10 people, cafes and restaurants, unnecessary contact with friends and family, it is particularly important for people aged 60 and over who are at greater risk of infection to stay home and isolated as much as possible. 

 Mothers Day 2020

So what can we do to honor the wonderful moms? There are creative ways to make their day amazing. A simple act of kindness from home or a socially distanced activity can go a long way. Here are some ideas:


Movie night:

If mom lives with you, have a special movie night. Set the stage with the appropriate lighting and a coffee table full of goodies like popcorn and any other of her favorite snacks and drinks. Pick out a movie you have talked about that she has been wanting to go see. 


Send it by mail; old school:

When was the last time you actually wrote a letter by hand or put some thought into words you wrote on a greeting card? Yeah, it's all done by text message and emails much faster we say and less hassle. But when was the last time you received a personal handwritten letter or card from a friend or family member through the mail? How did you feel? Wasn’t it a great surprise that brought you joy? So try that. Mom will be overjoyed you took the time. If you have children, ask them to write a note or paint a picture for Grandma. Then send it with your letter. 



We all love receiving flowers and for sure you know what mom’s favs are. So whether you have them delivered or drop them at mom's door yourself, there are ways to make that bouquet of flowers more meaningful. Online flower shops now offer extras such as chocolates, champagne, and other little gifts. Those can let mom know you put some thought into it to show you care. 


Pamper gifts:

Gifts of relaxation and pampering are always welcome to women of any age. Choose a couple of Natural skincare items from our site. Give a gift certificate for a mani-pedi to her favorite nail salon. These will be most welcome and appreciated by mom especially after these long days of quarantine. 



If mom has a sweet tooth, she will definitely appreciate some fresh sweetness form her favorite bakery or a nice basket of her favorite sweets and chocolate. Many bakeries deliver, so if you are far away and cannot drop something off yourself, find a place that delivers.


Mother’s Day 2020 will be so different from past ones so think back and look through albums for old photos that show good memories of happy times together. You can have them printed and framed or set in a book of memories.  


Virtual brunch/lunch:

Taking mom out for Brunches and Lunches is out of the question this year. But there is no reason for us not to spend some time all together with mom. How do you ask? Well, how about a virtual lunch? Send mom a  Zoom, FaceTime, Skype or WhatsApp invite. Pick a lunch or brunch menu you both like. You can drop off the ingredients or the prepared meal at her door if you live close by, or arrange to each cook the same meal at the same time. When it's all ready, connect with each other, have a nice virtual get together, and don’t forget to toast to mum as you all enjoy your meal together.

 2020 Mothers Day