Top 5 Reasons To Use a Charcoal Face Mask

Top 5 Reasons To Use a Charcoal Face Mask

Reasons To Use a Charcoal Face Mask

The Detoxifying Charcoal Mask is the best option when looking for a charcoal mask that is free of harsh chemicals, parables, fragrances, dyes, and has natural ingredients. This Charcoal face mask is an excellent combination of three triple-action clays and activated charcoal that makes the skin naturally exfoliate, become smooth and enriched. It's the perfect skincare treatment to help hydrate skin, improve the appearance of  pores and remove excess oils. The advantage of applying a Face Mask correctly and regularly.

If you want healthy, gently cleanses stressed and polluted skin, you can apply this Charcoal clay face mask daily or weekly on your skin, or you can use it more than that depending on your skin and skin care concerns. No matter you a man or woman, because it's a unisex product so you can comfortably apply the mask on your skin. 


Charcoal Mask Removes Impurities From Your Skin

Due to the activated charcoal's ability to absorb bacteria and remove toxins from the skin, a charcoal face mask is especially beneficial for normal to oily skin which usually accumulates more impurities through the oil that clogs the pores.


Draws Out Buildup of Oil and Dirt through Pollution

The Charcoal mask will help  draw out the oil and dirt mentioned above often caused by pollution especially in larger cities, and lack of regular care.


Charcoal Mask Brightens Your Skin

This charcoal skin mask can quickly reduce the appearance of dull skin and makes the skin appear brighter and luminous.


Improve Acne

 Acne is often caused by the buildup of dead skin cells, bacteria and oil that gets trapped in the skin’s pores. The charcoal mask has antibacterial properties which may help lift such bacteria. It helps with the overall skin complexion and reduces acne. 

 Treat Insect Bites

Insect bites on the face can often cause swelling and itching and if not treated become infected and lead to scarring. According to scientific evidence, activated charcoal helps take the sting out by neutralizing the toxins in the insect venom. 

Here is a little Tip: Try putting a little face mask on an insect bite on legs and/or arms. It calms the itching and swelling and is a natural way of removing the venom/toxins.


How to Use a Charcoal Mask including some useful tips

  • Wash your face with warm water before applying the mask. 
  • Open pores help the mask to take out impurities, so it is best to hold a warm, damp face cloth to the skin for a couple minutes to help open the pores.
  • Carefully apply the mask evenly to your skin using a soft brush/applicator or your fingertips. Avoid applying the mask to the mouth and eye areas. 
  • Leave on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes or until dry.
  • Carefully remove the mask by using a warm, wet facecloth. Rinse fave thoroughly but gently with warm water.
  • Gently use a towel to dry skin, before applying face products.


Yaeko Essentials Detoxifying Charcoal Mask has a combination of  carefully chosen natural ingredients that  make it hugely popular with our clients. Most people have experienced a positive outcome like a  healthier complex and clearer skin.