Top Tips For Maintaining Healthy Skin

Top Tips For Maintaining Healthy Skin

Maintaining Healthy Skin

A healthy lifestyle combined with all-natural skincare products will give you a glowing beauty. Make-up and surgeries cannot compete with natural skincare. Follow these tips and you will see the difference in your skin. 

Tip # 1: Stay Hydrated 

Beautiful skin is well-hydrated skin. We offer many products designed to moisturize and protect your skin from the outside, but you must also nourish your skin from the inside. Invest in a water bottle and start tracking your intake. Cut back on dehydrating beverages like coffee, tea, soda, and alcohol. Don’t worry if you’re running to the bathroom for the first few days, your bladder will adjust to the change. 

Tip # 2: Eat A Clean Diet 

The more raw fruits and vegetables you eat, the more beautiful your skin will be. Take every opportunity to add more of these foods to your diet. Use a journal to track your eating while you are developing new habits. Aim for 6-8 servings of fresh raw fruits and veggies per day.

Tip # 3: Use An Oil Cleanser

Soap based face washes can leave the face dried out and irritated. Using an all-natural oil cleanser deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Oil cleansers easily remove makeup, and they reduce the appearance of fine lines. If you could only choose one skincare product, an oil cleanser would be the right choice. 

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Tip # 4: Exfoliate with Clay 

People have been using clay masks since the beginning of time to purify and clarify the skin. Clay draws dirt and oils from the pores, providing your skin with a deep detox. The clay also binds to the dead skin that dulls your complexion, removing it as you take the mask off. Using a weekly clay mask keeps your complexion clear and bright.  

Tip # 5: Moisturize Day & Night

It is important to use a moisturizing skin cream. After you clean your skin you need to protect it. Moisturizing creams seal in the hydration and place a layer between your skin and the environment. We recommend a light day cream that plays well with makeup and heavier night cream that can nourish and repair your skin while you sleep. 

Tip # 6: Use Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring substance in your skin. This substance acts like a sponge, pulling water into your tissues.  If you have enough of this in your body, your skin will be plump, firm and less prone to wrinkles. You can take internal supplements to boost your body’s production, and it can also be applied topically. 

Tip # 7: Retinol For Wrinkles

Retinol is the gold standard treatment for aging skin. This concentrated form of Vitamin A promotes cell turn-over and rebuilds healthier skin. Retinol will give you firmer skin that is well moisturized. Fine lines and light wrinkles can be reversed with regular use. 

Use these tips to maximize your daily beauty routine. You will have firmer and more vibrant skin within a month. The result will be amazing!