Why Use A Face Mist?

Why Use A Face Mist?

Few things feel as refreshing as a mist of cool and pleasantly scented liquid being misted across your face. For many users of facial mists, the primary benefits come from the sensations felt when the product is applied. It is a mini aromatherapy and mindfulness session in the midst of a hectic world. 

Facial mists do have benefits besides their relaxing and calming qualities. There are many different formulas available, and each does something a little different. It may be beneficial to own more than one type of facial mist. 

Many people use a facial mist in place of a toner after washing their face. Familiar toners such as rose water, aloe vera and witch hazel are used in toning mist formulas. These toning mists close the pores and tighten the skin as well as providing some hydration. 

Facial mist products are sometimes used as a primer before applying make-up to the skin. They cannot replace a thorough hydration routine using skin creams, but they do provide a finishing boost to the skin’s smoothness and radiance. 

Setting sprays are made from different ingredients than toning and hydrating facial mists. Setting sprays are used after you’ve applied your makeup. They lock your make-up in place and prevent it from running or smudging. Make sure that you don’t get these two different types of facial sprays mixed up!

Some women use the toning or hydrating facial mists over their make-up to create a dewy effect. While it does look pretty, this will not make your make-up last longer. In fact, if you use too much it may make your make-up run. 

Many women who wear light make-up or keep their face natural like to keep a bottle of facial mist in their purse. This is the perfect way to refresh your skin throughout the day. After a workout or a stressful meeting, a facial mist can relax your mind as well as it soothes your skin. 

When choosing a facial mist, first decide what results you want to achieve. Do you need a toning formula or a hydrating formula? Would you like to use the mist to prime your make-up? The answers to these questions will help you choose the right product. 

While the active ingredients in facial mists aren’t as concentrated as they are in cream products, facial mists can have corrective effects. If you are looking to reduce redness, even out your pigmentation or soothe irritated skin, there’s a mist for that. 

Regardless of the facial mist formula you choose, the bottle it comes in must have a high quality atomizer nozzle if you want to have a fine refreshing mist. Even water feels great coming out of a nice atomizer, and the most expensive facial mist won’t do you much good if it's in a cheap container. Consider the packaging as well as the formula when you make your purchase.